Solid Waste

Solid Waste Collection

The City of Amarillo Solid Waste Division provides for the safe and efficient collection and disposal of residential and commercial solid waste within the City limits. The Solid Waste Division ensures the health, safety, and welfare of residents, commercial customers, and employees while acting in compliance with state regulations and Amarillo Municipal Ordinances.

Solid Waste

City Council recently approved funding for additional dumpster replacements. With the additional funding, staff will be able to address dumpster concerns quickly and efficiently. The Solid Waste staff has also participated in numerous community clean up events, as well as National Clean-Up Day. The Division provides gloves, trash bags, and staffing to assist with clean up events.


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acres used for disposing solid waste

Amarillo Sanitary Landfill

The current landfill site is permitted by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to include 662 acres, of which 486 acres are suitable for disposing of solid waste. The existing site is ideal and is expected to be utilized for over 100 years. Amarillo, therefore, has a long-term commitment to burying its solid waste at this location. The landfill disposes of approximately 250,000 tons of waste per year.

The Amarillo Landfill has been successful in disposing of its solid waste because of proper preliminary planning and design of the site, the application of proper engineering principles, and the competent operation of the facility. The benefits of disposing of waste in this fashion include the relatively low cost of disposal, no pollution of air, land or water, and the potential future use of the site once operations are completed.

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Host Banks

Amarillo’s community banks are part of the foundational grid that makes our city a wonderful place to live, work and play. Amarillo’s future is tied to their leadership and the investments they make every day. Thank you to our Host Banks for funding Amarillo’s State of the City event and for all they do to help Amarillo and our people grow to their fullest potential.