Fiscal Responsibility

Remaining responsible through


The City made difficult decisions to remain fiscally responsible throughout the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. A major accomplishment over the past 12 months is that Standard and Poor’s reaffirmed City’s AAA bond ratings during the height of the onset of the pandemic in May 2020. Many cities around the nation saw bond ratings drop. The City of Amarillo’s diligent efforts to maintain strong reserves along with the implementation of drastic measures on spending in mid-March 2020 helped preserve the City’s longstanding history of high bond ratings. (including a hiring freeze and delayed capital expenditures).

Total City Budget:



Fiscal Year 2020/2021 approved budget. ($2.9 million less than 2019/2020 approved budget)



Fiscal Year 2020/2021 approved budget ($8.9 million less than 2019/2020 approved budget)

Property Taxes:


Increase of $8.30 per year for a $100,000 value home

As the nation sees many struggling economies,

the City of Amarillo’s economy faired better than originally anticipated.



less than budget



less than budget


$9.8 million

to the good


Sales tax receipts remained strong with total receipts coming in higher over the past 12 months than the 12 months prior to that time period.


Total collections for fiscal year


more collections than 2018/2019

Hotel Occupancy Tax

Hotel occupancy tax collections felt the strongest impact from COVID-19, but are starting to improve over the last several weeks.


Total collections for 2019/2020


lower collections than 2018/2019

Thank You

Host Banks

Amarillo’s community banks are part of the foundational grid that makes our city a wonderful place to live, work and play. Amarillo’s future is tied to their leadership and the investments they make every day. Thank you to our Host Banks for funding Amarillo’s State of the City event and for all they do to help Amarillo and our people grow to their fullest potential.