2020 Priority Accomplishments


Solid waste Services

Continued to implement carts in solid waste services. This change decreased the cost of solid waste services and eliminated dumpsters in front yards of residences.


Parks & Rec

Continued work on the Parks and Rec Master Plan including exploring the idea of developing some park areas to produce revenue that would support park maintenance.


Bulk trash program

Continued to operate the Bulk Trash program that allows citizens to place large trash items on their front curb and the city will pick it up at no charge in 24-48 hours. Reduced the wait time in alley cleanups from 18 months to ___ days. ?


utility billing software

Completed Utility Billing software update to bill drainage fees to occupants of the property vs. owners of the property.


Neighborhood plans

Created the Barrio Neighborhood Plan and the San Jacinto Neighborhood Plan.


Thompson Park Pool

Designed Thompson Park Swimming Pool and issued bonds to pay for construction


Water meters

Secured 0% interest rate on $1M of grant funds toward the cost of replacing all water meters in the city (70k+) (complete in 2022) with new digital meters. The new meters will conserve water, allow customers to track water usage on their phone, increase accuracy of water bills, and create a digital network across the city for use by other departments (traffic for light sensors, 911 for emergency services).


covid response

Conducted community roundtables (20+ industries), systems for long-term care of public health, small business grant programs that helped local businesses with $550k+ of COVID Relief Funding Grants for Small Businesses. In addition to $160k+ in Public Safety Reimbursement Program PPE grants – still accepting requests. Drive-thru testing center (operated 6 months; tested 7,725 citizens at no cost).


Bus Station

Grant funds acquired to build a new bus station more centrally located in the city to improve routes and overall transit user experience. The new station will be a multimodal transit station and partner with Greyhound Bus for better access to city-wide and out of city travel by bus.


civic center

Worked with local citizens and organizations to study the needs of the existing Civic Center. Proposed a $275 million dollar bond to renovate and expand the Civic Center in order to compete for conventions and concerts in Amarillo.


Social Justice

Participated and listened to citizens’ concerns about racial relations and social justice. Created the Taskforce for Greatness to continue conversations about these issues and recommend changes needed in our city.


charter revision

Worked with local citizens to study the needs of our existing city charter. Recommended two ballot propositions to amend the City Charter to stagger council member terms, increase terms to 4 years, and remove the weekly meeting requirement.


Convention and
Visitors’ Bureau

Reorganize and rebrand the Convention and Visitor’s Council into the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.  Complete rework of its bylaws and budget as a stand-alone organization.

Thank You

Host Banks

Amarillo’s community banks are part of the foundational grid that makes our city a wonderful place to live, work and play. Amarillo’s future is tied to their leadership and the investments they make every day. Thank you to our Host Banks for funding Amarillo’s State of the City event and for all they do to help Amarillo and our people grow to their fullest potential.